A 24 Hour Turnaround

“Give me 24 hours and I’ll permanently transform your life/company even if you’ve tried every other program, training system, coach, seminar or consultant and everything has failed and you’re on the verge of going under.”

Our Promise… Much More Than A Guarantee

Your life/company will improve in every area you say you want. We won’t stop until you get it… period!

Darshan G. Shanti, “The 24 Hour Champion” is a Business and Life Turnaround Specialist: His particular expertise is working with small to mid-sized businesses that are actively dying and bringing them back to life in 24 hours…or less. Whether he’s on the stage speaking to 1000s, tightly huddled together in a small group workshop, or working one on one with a CEO,  Darshan will transform your most important, valuable assets  and the real bottom line; you and your people.

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