Forever Free To Be Workshop – A Pre-Interview Application

If you’ve come to this page, you must have a real curiosity and some desire to put a quick and permanent end to everything that has held you back from being truly happy, successful in your career, your relationships and with your finances. For that, I applaud you and I respect you and I say, “Keep up the great work!”

I want to support you on your journey. However, this mastermind session is for a select few people who are really committed and R.A.W. (Ready, Able and Willing) to have whatever they want in their life, their business or both, no ifs, ands or buts. Many people say they want that life, but are not truly committed to doing whatever it takes to have it.

That is the purpose of this application. If you are going to invest your time and your money in order to change your life and you want me to help you, there has to be a real match between what you’re looking for and what the mastermind session is about. If there is a match, we schedule the session. If there’s not a match, we don’t. It is as simple and as uncomplicated as that.

Take your time with each of the questions. They are very deep, provocative and will really make you think about what’s really important to you. Don’t rush your answers. The more you think about what’s being asked, the better your results will be.

Once you fill out the application, I will be notified and I will personally go over each of your answers and then I will contact you to set up your appointment.

Please fill out the following form by answering all of these questions as thoughtfully as possible. Take your time with them and really think about each one. This is your life and just answering them will actually begin to help you to change your life and put you on the path to having what you said you wanted in question #1.

1. If there are no barriers and I can’t fail, then what do I really and truly want for my life, my business or both? Don’t hold back. Really say what you want. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t let fear get in your way. Don’t let what people think of you get in the way. Don’t let anything you think about your past performance get in the way.

2. Why do I want those things? Don’t put a surface level answer here. Really think about why you want to have the life/business you say you want. Knowing why is a powerful motivator and will carry you through the tough times and will remind you of why you really want to change your life.

3. What is the reason I believe I don’t have the things I want? Don’t fool yourself or kid yourself or try to evade this question in any way. And don’t just say, “I am the reason.” Go deeper. What is it specifically about you that holds you back?

4. How long have I wanted those things I wrote in question 1? The point is that if you’ve wanted those same things for years and years and you still don’t have them, it will tell you that your excuses have run your life and it’s time for that to stop.

5. What does it cost me emotionally, mentally, physically, monetarily not to have the things I say I want? Write your answer to each of those areas. And do your best to stay away from one word answers, like “A lot”. Really sit and figure out ALL of the costs. You may not want to feel them as they will be painful, but that’s part of the process.

6. How do those costs make me feel about me and do I want to keep paying them? Not going for your dreams and settling for less than you really want has a big impact on your attitude, your beliefs and your future plans. As you sit with that question, take a real, deep and honest look at yourself and write down how you feel.

7. What does that picture of my life that I’ve described in the last 6 questions tell me about myself? Once again dig deep and be open and honest as you answer this question. It may paint a pretty bleak picture. It may look dark and depressing. If it does, just know that you are just a few steps away from changing all of that for good.

8. If I don’t do anything to change, do I think my situation is going to get better or worse? If it’s going to get worse, why have I kept doing it? Many times people fool themselves into thinking that they can keep making excuses and keep doing business as usual and still be successful. That’s simply not the case. For things to change, you’ve got to change. For things to get better, you’ve got to get better. So, what payoff/benefit do you get by continually sabotaging yourself and your dreams?

9. What would it mean to me to have the life/business I really, really want? Here’s your chance to let go of the pain, relax a little, let your shoulders down and put a smile on your face. Just envision your life 6 months, a year, five years and beyond and write down how you feel.

10. Do I believe I can have the things I want and have them sooner, rather than later? There might be a part of you that doesn’t believe you can be successful. If you listen to that part of you, you’ll never have the life you want. Why? Because if you don’t believe you can have the things you want, you won’t ever go for them.

11. Am I100% serious, certain and committed to having the life I’ve always wanted? If your answer is an emphatic YES, what’s going to be different this time to make sure you get what you say you want?

12. Am I 100% RAW (Ready, Able and Willing)? If your answer is anything less than 100%, it simply means that you’re not ready. Doing this work requires a large time commitment and a financial investment. You must be ready, able and willing to do it all.

13. Why do I want to work with Darshan? The answer to this question lets me know where you are and lets me know if you see the value of us working together.

14. Why should Darshan work with me? The answer to this question tells me how motivated you are and why you would be a good client to work with.

15. Do I have any final thoughts? Is there anything else that you would like to say or add to what you have already written?

16.This is how I would like to proceed from here. Tell me what you would like to do. At this point, you know how you feel about your life and you know what you want and why you want it. So, now it’s up to you. If you believe you want to take this to the next step and have a live interview, hit the submit button below and Darshan will receive your answers and get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.