Darshan Shanti – President and Chief Facilitator/trainerContact Number: 505-321-4914E-Mail: darshan@the24hourchampion.com  

Some of the organizations Darshan has worked with are:

  • Baxter International
  • RBC Dain Rauscher
  • Albuquerque Public Schools
  • The University of New Mexico
  • The Children Youth and Families Department
  • The New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM)
  • The Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce
  • Native American Human Resources Association
  • The Sustainable Global Leadership Alliance
  • Accion New Mexico
  • NM Commission on the Status of Women
  • SW Learning Centers
  • World Financial Group
  • The Albuquerque Underground
  • Las Colinas Retirement Center
  • TRC Environmental Solutions
  • The Lea County Correctional Facility medical and administrative staff
  • The Video Factory
  • Capital City Business and Professional Women
  • The High Desert Colloquium
  • Dr. Janice Moranz -Dermatologist and staff
  • Dr. Joanne Allen – DDS and staff
  • AAA Affordable Solar
  • Performance Unlimited
  • Escalto Design Works
  • Enchanted Waters
  • Albuquerque Pet Memorial Services
  • Entre Business
  • The Children’s Nurturing Coalition
  • Addus Healthcare directors of nursing and head administration
  • Silver Lynx
  • Lea County Correctional Facility Medical Staff
  • Central New Mexico Correctional Facility Medical Staff

He is a professional ontologist, facilitator, trainer, speaker, personal/business success coach. He has trained extensively in personal development for over 20-years and is an expert in human motivation. He has been speaking professionally since 1988. During that time, he’s worked with over 30,000 people from school age to their 80’s.

Darshan is a Dale Carnegie Course graduate and a Competent Toastmaster who has spoken to companies of all sizes. Across the United States, he has inspired thousands of people from many diverse industries, backgrounds and ages. He is also the CEO of Make a Difference International Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the educational system worldwide.

Darshan has dedicated his life to others and to making a difference in this world. He founded Freedom Incorporated,Inc., a revolutionary, innovative, personal and professional development company.

He helps people by supporting them to self-discover their hidden potential, purpose, passions, dreams and desires, inspiring them to empower themselves to have the lives they want.

He does this through highly experiential and interactive workshops using his unique and proprietary Core Problem Removal® process. It is an interactive, transformational learning system that causes permanent shifts in awareness, enabling people to discover the unconscious barriers that hold them back from achieving. This empowers them to make new decisions, take new actions, and create a new, powerful and fulfilling life.

People often ask him, “How did you get to become an expert transformational work?”

To tell you that, I have to tell you my story. I had a rather difficult childhood. I had virtually no friends. I was constantly in trouble in school. In second grade I was sent to the principal’s office 14 days in a row. I was starved for attention. I spent most of my time in the 4th grade out in the hall. In 8th grade, I was picked on by the 7th graders. My 10th grade English teacher threw me over his desk. In short, I went to 5 different high schools in 4 years and I had problems wherever I went. I was the kid that everyone knew and no one liked. Then, I joined the military. I was trained as a medic, but I was such a pain in the butt that my unit voted me most likely to be killed by them because they thought if we were in a war they would be better off with me dead, than alive. Keep in mind, it was my job to save their lives in battle and they still felt that way.

My struggles continued on until it was near the time that I was getting out of the military. I met a man who introduced me to thinking positively and that if I would begin to change my thinking about who I was, my life would change. After that, I began to devour every book I could find on personal development as I was desperate to find out why I pushed people away, got on everyone’s nerves, was lonely, unhappy, unfulfilled and unable to change.

I went to seminar after seminar. I hired people to help me get to my beliefs that were causing this. I tried traditional therapy once, but that proved useless as the therapist was more screwed up than I ever was. I knew there had to be a better way. But what was it? I constantly was looking for things outside of me to “fix” who I was. The day I stopped doing that was the day everything changed. I began to look at me as the cause and in doing so, I began a journey that has been the greatest gift I could have ever given myself. I gave myself the gift of me. In short, I became an expert because I studied me so deeply in every way, with every technique that I could. When I got to my core, unconscious beliefs that had been running my life and could see them for the fallacy that they were, I was free and have been ever since.