Be Careful Who You Hire To Train Your People


There are many CONsulting companies out there that will be glad to take advantage of you, take your money, take your time and energy and take you to the cleaners!

Take a moment to consider the following 3 scenarios.

1. If a CONSULTANT charges you three fortunes and only gives you strategies and tactics, but doesn’t deal with the core issues that are responsible for causing the problems in the first place, what good will that do? The problems will just keep coming back.

2. If a BUSINESS COACH comes in and teaches a sales course,  but your sales staff has a low self-esteem, how effective do you think the course will be?

3. If a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER comes in and “peps up” your staff, how long will the change last? One day if you’re lucky.

The point is, every consultant, coach or speaker is going to tell you that they will increase your profitability, performance, production and teamwork. I would hope they would. That’s why you’re hiring them. But, it’s like a barber telling you, “When you leave here today, your hair will be shorter.”

They will tell you that they will lower turnover and have a huge impact on decreasing your bottom line. Those statements are all well and good. But what backs them up? Just telling someone what to do is almost guaranteed to fail.

So why don’t your company’s problems ever seem to go away? Why do so many people shirk responsibility? Why do personnel issues always remain? What’s really going on?

And why do so many companies hire those types of consultants? Because up until now, there were no other viable options.

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