Client Testimonials

Dear Darshan,

I am writing a letter of recommendation about the Forever Free to Be seminar I took. First of all, I want to acknowledge that the design of the seminar is very unique and brilliantly orchestrated to provide participants lasting results and paradigm shifts in behaviors. I decided to take the seminar to have a breakthrough around my fear of asking people for money for my non-profit organization. Darshan quickly informed me that this course was beyond a breakthrough. He said it is a complete altering of my core belief systems that have been dominating my actions, my thoughts and my feelings. I have done lots of forms of therapy and have taking at least 30 Landmark transformational courses but I never saw the deep beliefs that have been dictating me. Darshan helped me uncover one of my deepest core untrue beliefs about myself and it started an unraveling process. Three months later the effects of the program are still revealing themselves. My ability to ask for money is dramatically different. Instead of being concerned and afraid, I am clear and confident knowing that the organization deserves to be funded. I have no hesitation asking people for large sums of money now. I know now that I can be an Executive Director of a global organization and I have the confidence to learn what I need to know to be effective with the job at hand. I also have seen that I deserve to be living my life’s passion and that I no longer have to believe that others get to have that kind of life and I don’t. I am grateful for Darshan’s persistent encouragement to take this course. I am certain that the outcome of the work I have done with Darshan in his program will be with me throughout the rest of my life.


Myra Murphy-Jacob, Founder of The Sustainable Global Leadership Alliance

Darshan showed us how to overcome the fear professionals feel during a career transition.  He personally demonstrated techniques to overcoming fear.  Darshan brings workable ideas to life-move forward in interviewing, negotiation, visioning your life without fear!

Darshan employs an interactive audience participation style.  For example, in the hour he spoke with TPA he brought one person up front and used a game of catch to show how people will not try things they do not think they can do.  He then brought another volunteer up front and showed us how our desires are shaped by where and how we perceive pain. Last, with the help of a third volunteer, he clearly and movingly demonstrated the value each of us possess and how we are indeed priceless.

Those at TPA for this meeting were engaged and impressed by the ideas and insights.  I had invited Darshan to TPA because fear is often a component of a career transition: fear of networking, fear of trying something new, fear of interviews, etc.  I wanted TPA to see another perspective, to hear the news that it is possible to be free of fear, and to feel confident moving forward with their transition.  From the discussion we had after Darshan let I am confident that those objectives were met.

When will we have Darshan back to TPA?  Just as soon as his busy schedule permits a return visit.  Always welcome, TPA is thankful for Darshan’s gracious assistance and positive message and looks forward to seeing him soon!

John Schleicher, Organizer – Transitioning Professionals of Albuquerque


To Whom It May Concern:

I met Darshan when he facilitated a workshop with the young participants in the Sustainable Global Leadership Alliance (SGLA) program. As the program and admission director for SGLA, I am constantly assessing the impact of the content presented on our young adult participants. As I watched the participants interact with Darshan, I knew they were engaged but weren’t sure what they would walk away with. In the following days, we discussed Darshan’s message with the participants and I was amazed how much he had affected them in their thinking. In my opinion, if you truly believe in yourself then anything is possible. This is what Darshan helped our participants to do, to begin really believing in themselves. They started to reevaluate the choices they were making. They saw that when they know they are priceless, they aren’t willing to engage in certain behaviors or be a part of certain situations. You could see physical signs of the impact as well. One participant started to glow, smiled more and was the happiest we’d seen her. I was also able to work with Darshan through a one on one seminar. We worked together for three days and the experience was invaluable. I saw things about myself that made everything in my life make sense. He provided me with tools that allow me to face any barrier or tough situation. It’s amazing what has happened in every area of my life since I worked with Darshan. I have lost weight, become clear about my romantic relationship, started my consulting business and am pursuing my life dreams. Darshan is dedicated to helping people see their greatness and it shows in the care he takes when working with people. I would recommend working with Darshan to anyone. As an educator, I constantly see students who struggle with low self esteem. I can’t imagine what would be possible if they all knew they were priceless through working with Darshan! Sincerely,

Rebecca Castro
Program and Admissions Director


Due to his training, my company now works as a team, communication is more effective & there is a single-mindedness of purpose that is producing great customer satisfaction which has led to increased profits.”
 Warren B. – Owner, The Video Factory


“Darshan came to my company soon after I took ownership. Communication was one of our biggest concerns, as people were used to doing things one way & they then had to get used to a great deal of change immediately. The staff works better as a team & is communicating well. The company is still in major transition, but I attribute the success it has had & the speed at which it is going, to the workshop Darshan put on.”Joseph Y. – Owner – Escalto Design Works

“A direct result of the communication workshop has been that the employees feel more expressed in coming to me for ideas and help. I noticed them open up to express hidden concerns about the workplace, which enabled me to see clearly areas within my business in which need improving. I will gladly recommend your programs and services to anyone or any organization that might be considering a training program to boost morale, teamwork or communication.”
Mark M. – Owner – Enchanted Waters LLC

“I recommend his services as being a professional motivational speaker & meeting the needs of his customers.”
Sara F. – Corporate records manager – Public Service Company of New Mexico

“Your coaching has helped me with the growth of my business and my personal growth. Over the last year my business had grown threefold in sales. Working with you has not always been easy because you hold me accountable… With your coaching, I’ve been able to step beyond who I thought I was & what I thought I could accomplish.”
David H. – Owner, AAA Afordable Homestead Solar

“Any organization open to ongoing training through self-discovery should consider Darshan to facilitate the workshop.”
Kari Biernacki – Vice President, Albuquerque Underground Inc.

“I highly recommend Darshan as a corporate trainer… we have achieved results together that are profound and long lasting.”
Dr. Joanne Allen, DDS

“Darshan has a unique ability to quickly transform participant’s thinking about himself or herself. It is my opinion that he is a gifted teacher/trainer.”
Jim C. – President, Performance Unlimited

“I received numerous compliments after the program that evening and at our subsequent meeting last week. The information and techniques you presented were not only valuable, but your energetic style was so engaging, the enthusiasm level in the room was nearly palpable.
Barb H. – VP of Programming – Capital City Business and Professional Women

“Darshan masterfully helped me to see stumbling blocks in my communication, and clear, tangible ways to overcome those barriers.”
Roby W. – Owner EntreBusiness and E-Myth coach