Your Pereceptions Create Your Workplace

A comprehensive, 4 PART, 1 or 2 day, employee-focused series of workshops that can be done independently or as a group. 


1. What if it were in your power to creat a workplace that has less stress, great communication, powerful teamwork and mutual respect? 

2. If your worksite was a pleasant place in which everyone felt valued, respected and aprreciated, would it be easier to recruit new employees and retain the ones who are currently working? 

3. What if your staff was truly happy, fulfilled and really enjoyed coming to work? How much more would your company make? What would happen to your bottom line? 

If the answer to any of those questions is YES, then this workshop is for your company. 

Workshops In This Seminar Include:


Stress Elimination At The Source

Stress is a killer! It affects the body and the mind. It causes high blood pressure, heart disease and many other serious conditions. It also adds to overwhelm, burnout, exhaustion, upset and frustration. It causes lost time, higher insurance costs and turnover. 

This 4-hour intensive workhop takes particiapnts through a structrured, self-discovery process in which they will become aware of how their thoughts (conscious or unconscious) are running constantly in the background causing the stress in the first place. They will see how what they think creates their reality at work. They will will be taught a proprietary process in which they will be able to take total control of any situation and be empowered to create it any way they want to. That eliminates stress before it becomes a factor. When they discover how to do this, the change is permanent. Their stress level dramatically decreases immediately, employees become more responsible, stop blaming their coworkers, be more accountable. 


Crystal Clear Communication

Is communication a problem in your company? Have your salespeople lost business because they did not listen properly? Has miscommunication caused problems in your staff meetings? Have you lost business or money because of poor communication? Have your customer service people recieved too many complaints and not enough compliments? 

In this two to four hour group-based workshop, people will be taken through a self-discovery process in which they will understand why communication fails, what their role in it is and how they are responsible. Through several different, interactive exercises, they will become aware that they don’t hear what is said, but rather listen to their interpretations of what’s being said. They will discover what their filters are and how those filters block effective communication. They will come to see that the conversations they have with themselves are the most important. Since the quality of their work lives is the quality of their communication; as their communication skills improve, so will their work lives. 



Where is it? What’s happened to it? How much do your employees really respect themselves and each other? When respect declines in the workplace, what goes with it? 

This three-hour workshop allows people to experience the power of their belief systems. They will also look at what others view as disrespectful and become aware of how they may have disrespected others and not even known it. Finally, they will develop a plan in which they will increase respect for themselves and others. When they have raised their level of respect for themselves, they automatically start to treat others in a more respectful manner. Working in a close-knit environment becomes easier, stress levels decrease, the atmosphere is lighter and people are more open. 



Do the people on your staff sometimes doubt their abilities? Do they procrastinate? Are they wishy washy? Are they perfectionists? Are they lazy? Do you think they lack confidence and competence? Would you even know if they did? These are all areas related to how people feel about themselves. The better they feel, the better their work will be. The better you understand them and yourself, the better your company will be, 

In this three-hour workshop, participants will learn how to build their own self-esteem, the self-esteem of others and to create a high esteem environment on the job. They will take on more leadership roles and call others into doing the same thing because they will be more confident and competent. They will know how valuable they are. They will treat themselves and others better. They will command more respect. They will know that they have the personal power to do whatever they desire. When people realize who they truly are and how much they are truly worth, self-esteem will never be an issue again. 


Part 2 – Powerful People – Powerful Profits

 CONGRATULATIONS – This graduate level corporate seminar is taken after Your Perceptions Create Your Workplace. It is designed specifically for companies who are 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve the goals it sets. It is extremely rigorous, challenging and deeply rewarding and enriching for those who participate. 

What if all the people in your company knew that they have the power to make it into an empire? They do, you know! When they know it for themselves and are completely responsible for the roles they play, your profits will soar! 

Course description – This one-day workshop helps people become aware of the thoughts, reasons, justifications and excuses that stop them from making and keeping commitments, promises, etc. They will understand the two key driving forces in life and be able to use them to take action in any area in which they are stuck, afraid or even unwilling. Their energy will increase, attitudes will improve, and they will be much happier and more satisfied. 

If you’re ready for your company to really take off, this workshop is for you. This is an extremely rapid and deep look into life that will bring freedom and success that previously seemed impossible. 

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Your company will make much more money
  • Your company will be able to rapidly move ahead
  • Your company will be more productive
  • Your company will achieve more in less time
  • Your company will improve its relationships with its customers etc.
  • Your company will reach any goals it sets much easier
  • Your company will be a place people want to work
  • Your company will experience less turnover
  • Your company will increase its performance