Whole Person Learning

The Secret To Your Company’s Immediate Success

People learn in all different kinds of ways. Some visual, some auditory and some by doing and some by a combination of all of the above. If a workshop is to have any chance of being effective, it must engage the participants exactly where they are and teach them in the way that they learn best. That is exactly what the Core Problem Removal System™ does.

Through the use of Socratic inquiry, workshop participants become invested in a topic, that is, they buy into it. Once they have an investment in an idea, it serves to motivate them and to organize their search for knowledge. It also creates ownership. When one “owns” something, one takes responsibility for it and takes pride in it because it gives pleasure, not because one is forced into it.

It is that ownership that is one of the greatest benefits of the Core Problem Removal System™ because when there is that level of ownership, participants change their own minds about who they are, what they want and what new levels they can reach. They are willing to step outside of their boxes and their preconceived notions about what is possible. The teams in your company form naturally as each person comes alive and shares his or her own unique gifts, skills and abilities.

The Core Problem Removal™ system creates a culture of learning where workshop participants are motivated to learn by their intrinsic interest combined with peer respect. In it, workshop participants learn more, often more quickly and always more deeply than those who passively acquire knowledge because they learn the ability to learn.

Core Problem Removal™ not only provides intellectual motivation, but basic skills development, conceptual depth in content areas and group skills development in a cooperative and collaborative learning environment. It cultivates habits of responsibility, teamwork, respect for others, initiative, clear communication and accurate listening which are necessary to success now and in the future.

Core Problem Removal™ is based in the time tested Socratic inquiry approach. It uses modern behavioral principles to create an environment that makes the most of group participation and makes these concepts practical for everyday work.

The essence of Core Problem Removal™ is the creation of frequent experiences of “Ah-ha” responses in participants. Research at the National Institute of Health has shown that this and other conscious responses produce biochemicals called neuropeptides within the individual that change the function of cells throughout the body. These neuropeptides are related to the emotions being experienced. The “A-Ha” response produces biochemicals that relate to pleasure, thereby creating positive reinforcement. These positive emotions and information present at the same time are immediately locked together in memory enhancing retention and easy recall.

Core Problem Removal™ develops cognitive and critical thinking skills in a transformative educational paradigm. The traditional approach most common in trainings is known by workshop participants as “bulimic learning” in which they gorge themselves with information before and then purge themselves of the information later, leaving themselves empty afterwards.

Finally, the Core Problem Removal process is extremely creative and therefore it registers in the right side or nonlinear, creative and more emotional part of the human brain, like painting, sculpture, music etc does. Both sides of the brain are emotionally imprinted with the new ideas resulting in a shift in personal belief systems. Because of that, it has the ability to bring together ideas and concepts that do not normally coexist. Also, it causes an emotional response not possible with just an intellectual lecture.

Transformation does not happen without conversation, without some kind of outside stimuli. When participants go through the Core Problem Removal process, they discover their unconscious core beliefs that have been holding them back from being productive, making sales, etc. They then have the freedom to let those beliefs go and it is in that moment that a paradigm shift occurs and a new level of performance and productivity and teamwork is realized.