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Here’s Why Darshan Makes A Great Guest For Your Show.

Darshan G. Shanti – The 24 Hour Champion has been described by the hosts of local radio, TV and internet shows as a dynamic, passionate, fun, powerful, extremely knowledgeable and informative guest. Whether the hosts are doing stories and interviews on coming back against all odds, (overcoming adversity) eliminating stress, helping students do better in school, being a peak performer (being a 24 hour champion) like his transformational book, The 24 Hour Champion talks about, or turning your life and/or your business around in hours, not years, he is your expert. His expertise in personal development, transformation and behavior change comes from his 20 years of real world experience working with over 30,000 people, from school age to people in their 80’s. As a transformational speaker, Darshan has developed a wealth of stories, knowledge and poignant, memorable ways to share them to educate, entertain and permanently transform his audiences.

Fox NewsWatch Darshan on Fox being Featured on The New Mexico Style Show

Here are several radio interviews Darshan has done.