Change Your Life In 2-3 Days


The Core Problem Removal® Process


OK, so what do I do to permanently change my life and how do I do it in two to three days?

Well, in order to make any change in your life permanent, you must first discover what the root cause of the problem is. You’ll have to be willing to look into areas deep within yourself that may be uncomfortable or appear to be painful. But, once you deal with the problem at its core, it simply won’t come back anymore.

Think of it like a weed. When you pull a weed up by its root, does it grow back? NO! But, if you only pull it out by the top of it and don’t do the necessary digging to get all of it, then it always grows back. Why? Because the root is what causes the weed to grow.

It is the same with you. If you don’t get to the root and remove it, your problems will continue to grow no matter what you try to do to get rid of them or fix them.

To make the process of the Core Problem Removal system easy to understand, I’ll use the metaphor of building a building. The building represents your life, both in how you live it and how it turns out when done.


In order to have what you’ve always wanted, you must change your mind about the justifications, excuses, reasons and knowledge that holds you back. In other words, you have to stop giving those excuses more validity and power than you give your wants, goals and dreams. In fact, when you want freedom, joy, peace, happiness, riches, fulfillment, satisfaction, etc., as much as you want the air you’re breathing right now, then and only then will you have it. If it is anything less than that, you will back out and find a way to sabotage yourself and your dreams. Here are some steps you can take right now to make your life, your business or both what you want it to be starting now.

1. Observe what your building looks like from an objective point of view. In other words, see it from the outside looking in instead of the inside looking out. You must discover where you are in your life process. You must be completely honest with yourself here as this is the foundation and without a strong foundation, your building will collapse.

2. Inspect the blueprints of your building and see how it was made. In other words, understand how you got to be where you are today. Most of your building has been built with other people’s stuff, so look at your beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, feelings, values, reactions and actions. These are the building materials of your life.

3. Dismantle your old building and lay out its pieces so you can see what you want to keep and what you want to discard. Remove any last remaining screws, rivets or bolts that are still holding the building together. In other words, remove your very deep unconscious beliefs. Keep in mind, they are tricky. They disguise themselves in ways you can’t see and they hide very well. They must be taken out or else your new building will just be a clone of your old one.

4. Excavate by getting to the root of where your personality and identity first started forming. This is imperative. Literally, this is the foundation on which your building has been built. If you try to build on a weak foundation, it is guaranteed to crumble. So, if you don’t get to this point and deal with the issues that are there, it will be useless to move on. This is where most people get stuck and don’t ever move ahead because this is where the work is and where their fear grabs hold.

5. Reframe your past – That is, put it in a whole new context. Make it one that will work for you. You are not your past. What was, was and what is, is. When you separate what happened to you from all of the meaning you put on those events, you instantly gain freedom from your past and freedom to be who you want to be..

6. Create your new set of blueprints that have nothing to do with your past. You’ll be able to start fresh and design it the way you want to design it. Discover your values and prioritize them. They are the foundation of your new building.

7. Build your new building out of the material that you decide to use. In other words, if you are not your past anymore, who are you? At this point, you can and will say who you are consciously and clearly.

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