Forever Free To Be Workshop

Put Your Fears, Worries, Doubts, Stresses To Bed Once And For All

Take Control Of Your Life And Make It Everything You Want It To Be Starting Now!



Dear Forever Free To Be Workshop Intensive Candidate,


First and foremost, congratulations. Most people will

never make it to this page because most people can’t

pass my tests. So they’ll never even find out about it.

Most people aren’t ready, able and willing to do what

it takes to make their life what they want it to be. In

other words, they are not what I call, RAW. Most people

are too afraid, too set in their own ways, too resigned and

too full of justifications.


That said, if you fit into any of the following categories,

The Forever Free To Be Intensive is NOT for you.


Who Will NOT Get Accepted


Now, I want to be clear about something right off

the bat. This workshop is not for most people.

It’s not for the whiners, the complainers, the excuse

makers or the tire kickers. This is not for people

who look at this intensive as an expense rather than

an investment that will pay them dividends for the

rest of their lives. It’s not for those who are committed

to staying where they are, staying stuck, or at best

incrementally changing their circumstances or their life.

This workshop is also not for people who want to

move slowly, and gradually achieve their desires.

It’s not for people who think it would be nice or

a good idea to really transform their life. And finally

it’s not for anyone who is just interested in or thinking

about or entertaining the idea of totally transforming

his or her life.


Who Will Get Accepted And
Who This Is Ideal For


This workshop is for those individuals who

are action-minded, forward-thinking and

dead serious about having their life and their

business be what they want it to be and having

it now.


This workshop is for you if you’re truly

committed to boldly expanding your horizons,

breaking free from your past and going way

beyond who you know yourself to be and

experiencing true success (whatever that means

to you), happiness, peace and connection.


You see, if you’re not 100% committed, you will

find a way to back out, to sell out, to justify why

the things you want in your life you can’t really

have or don’t believe you deserve.


This is not an entry-level, how- to type of an

event. This is an intensive coaching experience

that will propel your life and business forward at

lightening fast speed.


Have I Got Your Attention?


If, after reading the details below, you still feel like

this is for you, let’s talk. By the end of that conversation,

we will both know what the next step is.


About the Forever Free To Be Intensive Workshop


The Forever Free To Be Intensive is going to help

you to break free from the shackles of fear, the

despair of loneliness and the sickening feeling in

the pit of your stomach when you betray yourself

and your dreams.


You simply cannot change that which you do not

know. And it is what you don’t know that runs your

life. You must discover those hidden areas. Once you

do, you will be free to easily go about living your life

as nothing will be holding you back anymore. This

intensive is  going to enable you to discover and

replace the core, negative, unconscious beliefs that

hold you back and block your success.


Here’s some better news. You will not go back to

your old ways, your old beliefs, your old life

because you’ll have changed your own mind about

yourself and what you want in life, both now and

in the future. And when you change your own mind,

your  change is permanent.


A butterfly doesn’t go back to being a caterpillar,

does he? Of course not, and when you transform,

your life, you won’t either.


What Sets This Workshop Apart From Others

1.   This is a 100% interactive process. This

means that you will be an active participant,

experiencing the work as it happens and you’ll

be taking 100% responsibility for your own



2.   It is one on one, you and me. You get my full,

undivided attention for the entire experience. You get

my creative mind, my 100% support, my total

commitment to your success for up to a year.


3.   This intensive is transformational, not

motivational. It isn’t about developing your expertise

or giving you more knowledge because more information

will do you little or no good. Knowledge is not power,

the proper, fast, focused and specific use of that knowledge

is power. We will only deal with the core issues in your

life, not surface level problems.


As a result, you will do much self-examination,

reflection and go to the places within you that you

have been unwilling or unable to go before. And

once you can see your core, unconscious beliefs for

the lie that they are and how you have linked them

all together to create your life, then you’ll be able to

break free from them. When you are no longer

trapped by those beliefs, a new world of opportunity

opens up.


Just think of what you would do, where you would live

how much money you would make, how much

energy, vitality, health and wellness you would have.


4.   It’s about freedom;  the freedom from your

past fears, doubts, pain, guilt, separation, loneliness,

struggles, and problems. And it’s about freedom to be

who you are and living the life you want to live.


So whether it’s much more time, more happiness,

more connection, more fun, more relaxation, more

play, more peace, more adventure, more joy, or all

of the above, it’s all here waiting for you.


5.   This intensive is all about ACTION. It’s about

helping you discover exactly what you want and it’s

about helping you to find and live your passion. You

will develop a rock-solid mindset, an unwavering

belief in yourself, in your future and in your dreams

and you will create a definite plan to make sure

it all happens… sooner rather than later.


6.   Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it’s

about love and living your life from that place.


Think About This Next Question Carefully.


Do you want your life along with inner peace, joy,

happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction or do you want

the reasons why you can’t have it?


It’s Your Choice… Always

Right now you are being offered a gift. All you have

to do is decide that you want it and then open it.

But you’ve got to want it. You’ve got to want that

gift (your new life) as much as you want the air

you’re breathing.


You’ve got to want that life more than you want any

excuses. You’ve got to want that life with every fiber

of your being. You’ve got to be hungry. You’ve got to

accept it fully. You’ve got to believe you deserve it.

You’ve got to believe you can have it. You’ve got to believe .

Or else it won’t happen.


The Benefits Of The Workshop

For three days, there will be a singular focus. That

singular focus is YOU.  And as a result, you will start

to experience exponential growth in your life in ways

and on levels that you may have never thought possible.

These really just scratch the surface as there is no way

to really detail how fantastic things are going to be

when you complete this experience.


Here are just some of the benefits you can and should look forward to:


» You’ll take control of your life in every area, on all
all levels. You will dictate your schedule. You will
schedule your priorities

» You will have more time to spend the way you want to
spend it – with your family, your friends, your hobbies
and interests

» You will be “turned on” and wake up with excitement
and enthusiasm and look forward to the day

» You will develop an unstoppable mindset

» You will be much happier

» You will eliminate the effects of stress

» You will improve all of your relationships
and grow closer to your loved ones

» You will break the stranglehold of fear
and never be stopped by it again

» You will have much more confidence,
and competence

» You will eliminate self-sabotage and procrastination.
When you do, just imagine how much more you’ll be
able to do and how easy it will be for you to do it.

» You will stop feeling trapped, stuck by the way things
are and you’ll give yourself permission to do the things
that you’ve always wanted to do, but never did

» You will not settle anymore for less than your
heart’s desire. Your life is too important to give
up any part of it. You truly can have whatever you
desire as long as you’re committed

» You will learn the real secrets to having what you want
right now and you’ll be free to go get it

» You will gain tons of energy and become healthier

» You will dramatically increase your concentration and
be driven to succeed


In Addition, You Can And Will:


1.  Find out what’s truly important to you and take immediate,
consistent, focused action to get it.

2.  Tap into your unconscious mind and release paralyzing,
old, dream-killing, unnecessary beliefs and replace them
with the truth. That truth is that you are priceless and you
will live that way without exception.

3.  Realize your true value and live your life based on your
unique gifts.

4.  Become unstoppable by removing any self-imposed
obstacles or limitations.

5.  Discover the driving forces in your life and make them
work for you.

6.  Have the tools to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

There’s no fluff, no fillers, no hype in this workshop. Your
life is far too important to waste any time with all that


What Are You Thinking So Far?
If you’re on board with everything
I’ve said, let’s keep going.


The Forever Free To Be Workshop Intensive Process


Pre-intensive workshop questionnaire –You will receive a detailed questionnaire

to begin to open you up and expand your

mind and get it ready to accept all of the

incoming information you are about to



Pre-intensive support calls – We’ll start with

several, private phone sessions prior to Day 1

of your workshop. They will allow me to learn

more about your specific challenges and your

specific wants, dreams and desires for your

future.  And those calls will enable me to

better understand what you do, why you

do it, and where and how you want to grow.

In addition, we will go over your questionnaire.


Pre-intensive coaching – The moment you commit

to yourself, all kinds of resources show up to support

you in that commitment. As a result and an immediate

reward, I’ll start working with you  on an as needed

basis on specific issues or areas you need support with.


Here are the specifics we’ll cover in-depth on each day.


 Day 1Discovering Your Lie – Dismantling Your Story

●          Section 1 – The Awakening – Discover the story of your life and
how you’ve carefully crafted it to keep you in surviving, not thriving,
existing not flourishing.

●         Section 2 – Discovering And Declaring Your True Wants
Say what you want, know why you want it and know that you’re
going to get it. You’ll powerfully state what you want and you
won’t hold back. Then you’ll put tools in place to make sure
you attain it.

●         Section 3 – The Power And Freedom Of Decision –
One real secret to having what you want is making powerful
decisions. You’ll learn how to make them quickly and easily.

●        Section 4 – Mining For Gold – Uncover the core,
foundational beliefs of where your identity was formed.
You’ll become a master excavator as you dig into your
story. This marks a turning point in the workshop as
you will have begun to separate your truth from fiction.
You will see the old you and for the first time, get a
vision of the new you.

●         Section 5 Taking Charge Of Your Life Now – When
you OWN your “stuff” NOW, you will have WON. Master
this and you can do whatever you want to do.


Day 2Put Your Past Behind You Once And For All,
Create Your Future and Forget Fear Forever

●         Section 1 – Forgiveness – The Key To Your Sanity –
Whatever “wrongs” occurred in your life will no longer be
a burden. You will let them go, forgive who and what needs
to be forgiven and move on with your life. The weight that
will be lifted will be tremendous. When you truly forgive,
you’ll sleep better and you’ll be a lot happier.

●         Section 2 – End stress – Reframe Your Past And
Rewrite your future
– Stress is unnecessary and destroys
your health, your creativity and your energy. Learn how
to eliminate it before it even has a chance to take hold.
Change the way you look at your past so you can leave
it where it belongs… in the past.

●         Section 3 – Forever Free From Fear – Say goodbye to
fear. When this workshop is over, you’ll see fear for the
fallacy that it is and you’ll be able to take immediate action
on the things that you have not done because fear had stopped you.


Day 3 – Turning The Switch Of Your Life ON And Having
Whatever You’re Committed To

●       Section 1 – Declare your future and make it real – At this
point, you’ll have cleared away so much already. You’re now at
a point where your future looks different than ever before. You’ll
clearly know what you want and know that you can achieve it.

●       Section 2 – Determine your ultimate life vision – Once your
mind has expanded, it can’t shrink back down to its original size. In
this exercise, you will start to think bigger than you’ve ever thought.
When you do, it will shift your thinking into turbo gear and stay there.

●       Section 3 – Design your perfect day of work and play – Continuing
on the previous section, you’ll further expand your mind and create the
ultimate days of work and play. Since about a third of your life or more
is taken up by work, it might as well be what you really, really enjoy.

●       Section 4 – Destroy all remaining limiting beliefs – The ego is tricky
and will try to make you quit. So, we will go into every corner, crack and
crevice to find where it’s hiding and remove it for good.

●       Section 5 – Discover your values – Your values are the foundation
of your life. The dictate what you do and don’t do. Now that you’re not
the old you anymore, we have to replace your old values with your new,
consciously created ones.

●       Section 6 – Devise a plan and take immediate action – Many times,
we set goals, but we don’t have a plan for how we will achieve them.
You will create a master plan for the attainment of everything you’ve
said you wanted.

Dates Since The Forever Free To Be Intensives are one on one, they are
scheduled on an as needed basis.


Hours of the intensive – The hours of the workshop are approximate.
The workshop starts at 9 am on each day and ends when it is appropriate.
Sometimes that is 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or even 11PM. This is your life and the
time will tick by whether you are in the workshop or not. I am here
to serve you, not the clock.


Follow-Up Support –

This element of the intensive is essential and one of the biggest

benefits of the entire program. Your workshop begins the moment

you register, but your learning never stops. Therefore I will be with

you every step of the way for up to a year after the workshop is

over to ensure that you achieve EVERYTHING YOU WANT.


Your Investment:  Chose from one of the following 3 packages
that suit your budget and the future you desire.


Silver Package – $9,995 –

  • 3 Day Forever Free To Be (one on one) Intensive
  • One week of support by phone or email
  • 5% referral commission on people you refer who
    pay for any seminar or workshop I do.


Gold Package – $14,995. –

  • 3 Day Forever Free To Be (one on one) Intensive
  • 30 days of support via telephone or email (up to one
    hour weekly)
  • One, ½ day (4-5 hour) follow-up session
  • 10% referral commission on people you refer who
    pay for any seminar or workshop I do.


Saphire Package – $ 19,995. –

  • 3 Day Forever Free To Be (one on one) Intensive
  • 180 days of support via telephone or email (up to
    1.5 hours weekly)
  • 2, ½ day (4-5 hour) follow-up sessions
  • 1 Free additional workshop (other than the
    Forever Free To Be Intensive) of your choosing
    for you or someone you love (up to a $2500 value)
  • 15% referral commission on people you refer who
    pay for any seminar or workshop I do.


Titanium Package – $24,995 –

  • 3 Day Forever Free To Be (one on one) Intensive
  • 365 days of support via telephone or email (up to
    2.5 hours weekly)
  • 4, ½ day (4-5 hour) follow-up sessions
  • 2 Free additional workshops (other than the
    Forever Free To Be Intensive) of your choosing
    for you or someone you love (up to a $5000 value)
  • Bring a spouse or strategic business partner for
    FREEEEEE. Yes you read that right. With the
    Titanium Package, you get 2 for the price of 1.
    If you partner with someone who is crucial to
    your business success, it’s in your best interest
    to have him or her go through the experience
    with you.
  • 20% referral commission on people you refer who
    pay for any seminar or workshop I do.


In order to book your workshop and lock in your spot, a 50%

deposit is required. Payment plans are available, but the entire

Balance must be pain full on or before day one of the workshop.

We accept cash, checks, money orders and visa and MasterCard.


Our Guarantee


The bottom line is that your transformation is up to you.

It is your life and it is your responsibility. So if you don’t take

the appropriate actions, you won’t get the results you’re

looking for. With that said, you will get what you say you want

as long as you do everything we discuss. If you have been

diligent and have done all your work and taken consistent

action and not achieved the results you want, I will work with

you for up to a year for no extra charge if you bought the

titanium package. I you buy the sapphire package, I’ll give you

six extra months of support and so on down the line.


Let’s Wrap This Up 


I could have plastered this whole letter with testimonials,

but it is easier and less of an interruption to have them all

in one place. Please read them. They are very in depth and

very indicative of what you can and should expect as a

result of working with me and taking the Forever Free To

Be Intensive.


To read some very powerful personal development testimonials, click here.


To read business development testimonials, click here.


The Bottom Line

You’re getting my time and talent focused on you and your life

exclusively for a period of up to 12 months. I will be your

constant companion, your sure and steady source that you

can turn to anytime you need support. I will be in your corner

pulling for you, pushing you, inspiring you, holding you accountable

to your dreams.


I can assure you, you won’t get this perspective, commitment

dedication, time investment or strategy anywhere else.

Only the most committed, most determined, most

success-minded individuals will see what a rare and fabulous

opportunity this is to totally transform their life and their



So, if this is speaking to you and you’re Ready Able and

Willing, then I invite you to take the next step. It is

a questionnaire. You can find it by clicking here.


Answer all of the questions and hit submit. I will get

a copy and read them and then schedule an interview

with you to discuss any final questions you may have

and if it’s right, register you for the workshop.


I thank you for your time and for the opportunity to

serve you.


Yours in success,

Darshan G. Shanti – The 24 Hour Champion

President, Freedom Incorporated, Inc.