Go Way Beyond Motivation To Truly Transform Your Business

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How many times have you gotten an insight, gained a new awareness, realized something, became motivated and even had a breakthrough, only to come tumbling down and end up worse than you were before? If you’re looking for breakthroughs, you’ve come to the wrong place. Breakthroughs don’t last. They are temporary states of change. Motivation doesn’t last. It’s only temporary as well.

Let’s say you have this marvelous breakthrough, then what? If you haven’t dealt with the core problem, the hole you created when you “broke through” will quickly close up. Why? Because it has to. It will fill up with your old patterns, your old beliefs, your old barriers, your old blocks. It will fill up with your old paradigms, perceptions and positions and everything will remain the same.

Have you ever known people who have taken personal development work or gone to therapy or bought every book and every tape they could get their hands on to improve themselves? Year after year they repeat this same process, but their life still isn’t working and so they continue the process in a desperate hope to find something  that will finally put an end to their pain.

The problem is that looking for more and more insights keeps you addicted to that process. You become and insight junkie and you begin to look for things that are not even there. You may go so far as to create them. You then may begin to think (unconsciously) that you can’t pursue your dreams because there are things to work on and once they are cleared, you will be unstoppable. It’s all B.S. It won’t happen. The bottom line is that you are either going to pursue your dreams or you’re not.

Fixing what you think is wrong with you is about the past. As long as you are working on the past, you will not be moving your life forward. Figure out what you want your future to be and then go to work on that.

So, how do you go way beyond motivation and inspiration and totally transform your life and be a success in business? Do the following exercise and watch what happens.

Picture yourself in the future. See exactly where you want to be, how much you want to be making, where you want to be living, what you want to be doing, who your friends are, how exciting and passionate and joy-filled your life is. Write it all down in the present tense as the mind doesn’t know the difference. Don’t just say I am now making lots of money. Say, “I now quickly, easily, joyfully and with a lot of fun, bring in $________.00 a month.

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