Are You Living On Purpose (Issue 4)

In this issue, I am going to be talking about

how to get beyond the fears that stop you from

living on purpose.

I believe that what stops most people from

living on purpose is FEAR. Whether it is a

fear of success or a fear of failure or a fear

of rejection or a fear of the unknown, it is a

big stopping point.

Fear is a dream killer, an energy vampire,

a very negative force and it stops great people

with great ideas that would make a great deal

of difference in the world.

Does any of that ring true for you? Do you

have one of those fears? Have you been

wanting to do something for a long time

but you keep finding reasons to put it off?

If you have one of those fears, here is a quick

5 step process to get you out of fear, in action,

on track and living on purpose.

1. Start doing one of the projects you’ve been afraid

to do. Of course, that’s going to bring up all kinds of fear.

That’s good. That’s what you want to happen. When the

fear comes up, just ask yourself why you would be afraid

of living on purpose? Put another way, you can ask yourself,

“What’s the worst thing that would happen to me if I did what

I’m afraid of doing?”

If you’re tempted to say, “Nothing would happen”

then why would you be afraid in the first place?

The reason is you do think something is going to

happen, you just might not be aware of what it

is. Naturally, that begs the question, how do I find

out what it is I’m scared of? In order to find that

out, go on to step 2

2. List ALL of your excuses as to why you haven’t

done what you said you were going to do. Notice

I didn’t say some of them, I said ALL of them. Be really

honest with yourself. It will do you and your dreams no

good to tell a lie or leave something important out. You

really can’t hide from yourself anyway.

3. Discover your primary fear. Notice the patterns. What

do they all have in common? When you see their

commonalities, they will likely culminate into one fear.

Most people have a fear of failure or a fear of success.

Some people have both.

4. Understand the meaning you place on the fear. This

is where the real benefit comes in. Whatever it is you

are telling yourself about why you are afraid to do

whatever you’re afraid to do is what you must uncover.

So, if you have a fear of failure, ask yourself, what does

being a failure mean to me? Don’t just say, “It means I

failed.” You may find that being a failure means that

you’re not good enough or worthy enough or something

to that effect.

5. Change your mind about who you believe yourself

to be. Recognize that belief that you’re not good enough

is a lie. You see, your ego doesn’t want you to change.

It wants to protect you from pain. It wants to keep you safe.

You don’t have to listen to it. The truth of you is that you are

priceless, not worth less. There are not doubts about it.

If you start believing in your value and honor, cherish,

believe, respect and love yourself, then fear has no place.

If you would like more support in getting beyond the fears

that stop you right now, once and for all, then I suggest

you grab a copy of my book, The 24 Hour Champion –

Discovering AND Living Your Priceless Life. It goes very

deep into this subject and it will help you to change your

own mind about who you are and what you want and fear

will be a distant memory. Just go to and do

a search for The 24 Hour Champion.

So, that’s it for this issue my friend. May you

be blessed beyond belief this week and may all

of your dreams and your success come true. And

may everything you wish for be the least that

you get.

Until next issue…

To your success,

Darshan G. Shanti – The 24 Hour Champion