Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires Issue 10

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires (Week 10)

Since I have started this series on manifesting

your heart’s desires, I have been manifesting

like crazy. I’ve had more ideas, more support,

more love, more clarity, more direction, more

drive than I’ve had in years…and years.

I thought I was motivated before, but that was

nothing compared to what’s going on now. I

have written another book that will be available

very soon. I am going to be doing a bunch of

PR work and going on local radio and TV and

writing articles for magazines. Then I’ll be

taking my show on the road to build my

brand on a national stage. My book is about

being a 24-Hour Champion and that is the

message I am going to brand.

If you know someone who has had some PR

experience, please let me know.

I encourage each of you to go to my

website and

read what the book is about and then get

a copy for yourself.

Currently, it is still in the electronic form

and anyone who purchases a copy now, I’ll

include my other book for free. Just send me

an email telling me you want it and I’ll email

them both to you for just $20.00. That’s half

the price.

In addition, I have just completed an hour

long recording entitled,

How To Make Your Life What You Want It To Be

Once And For All.

As an additional bonus, anyone who purchases

my book now, I’ll also throw in the recording.

(A $49.00) value.

In all, you’ll receive $89.00 worth of life

changing, business booming information for a

total of $20.00. If you order it online, it will

cost you more. So just send me an email and I’ll

personally get it all out to you right away.

Now, why did I tell you all of that? Well, if you

haven’t figured it out by now, it is that the last

step in the process of manifesting your heart’s

desire is the action step. I am sharing with

you all of the actions that I am taking to keep

manifesting my heart’s desire.

I can’t tell you how many people don’t take

the appropriate action though. It’s huge.

They do everything else, but they don’t complete

the process. Think of it like this. You want more

money. So, you go through the entire 9 steps that

I’ve written to you over the past several months.

You get to the point where you’re told to buy a

lottery ticket and you will win. (Just go along

with the example. I know there is no guarantee

that you will win, I am just using this for an

example.) But, something stops you. You

second guess it. You go out and bet on a horse

instead and of course, you lose.

The point is, that when you’re given something

to do, that is, you’re guided by the Universe, or

whatever you decide to call your higher power,

you need to do it. You follow the directions

you’ve been given to the T. You don’t second

guess them. You don’t doubt them. You act on

them, knowing that what you do is going to

allow you to have what you want. You may

not understand them fully or see how the steps

are going to work out, but that does not matter;

you do them anyway. Anything less than this

will sabotage the entire process.

In closing, manifesting your heart’s desire

can sometimes feel like walking on a

tightrope without a net. You may be afraid to

move ahead and too scared to go back even

though you’re being pushed and pulled from

both directions. And, even though you can

surrender to this moment and to the next

and so on, it won’t matter.

Even though you can allow that you will be

totally safe, you still may not trust. Yet, if

you did, you would know beyond the

shadow of a doubt that you would be safe.

In fact, you will be living your life from

the safest place you could possibly live.

You will be relying on infinite intelligence,

not just your own, to guide you. You will be able

to let go of a false sense of security that comes

from trying to control everything that happens

to you.

At that point, change will become the norm.

norm. You’ll enjoy the perfection of what not

controlling everything allows and you’ll begin

to enjoy the process. Stepping out of your

comfort zone will be more comfortable than

living in it. You’ll start to feel alive, passionate,

free and you’ll have a great deal more energy.

Your confidence will soar as you recognize that

as you follow your inner wisdom and your

inner truth, it will take you to places and have

you experience wonders that you’ve never even

dreamed of…and then some! It is like opening a

gift. You don’t know what is inside until you

open it. And when you do, the joy and abundance

you will feel will far surpass all of your



In the next series of newsletters, I will be starting

an entire new series on money. Making it easier,

attracting it and living in abundance. I look forward to

growing wealthy with you.

So, that’s it for this issue my friend. May

you be blessed beyond belief this week and

may all of your dreams and your success

come true. And may everything you wish for

be the least that you get.

Until next issue…

To your success,

Darshan G. Shanti – The 24 Hour Champion