Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires Issue 2

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires (Issue 2)

Last issue we talked about the first step

in manifesting the life of your dreams.

That step began with belief. You have to

believe in yourself, in what you want,

in your skills, talents and abilities.

You have to believe that you deserve the

life of your dreams. You have to believe

it’s possible and you have to believe in

the manifestation process in the first

place. That is to say that you have to

believe that your thoughts do indeed

create your reality (good, bad or

somewhere in between).

This issue, we’re on to step 2 – Knowing

what you want. After all, if you don’t

know what you want, you can’t possibly

manifest it, can you?

Now that may sound obvious (because it is)

and yet I see so very few people who

ever seem to really get what they want.

They always are struggling in one form

or another and the happiness and success

they want always seems to elude them. It’s

always one step ahead of them. And like

a mirage, when they reach for it, it


Here are the top three reasons that I have

found why people don’t get what they want.

It may sound funny, but some people don’t

really want what they say they do. Sure, on

the surface they declare boldly what they

want, but underneath they don’t believe

they can really have it. And because

those thoughts are much stronger (whether

they are conscious of it or not) that’s what

materializes in their life.

Reason #2 is that many people know what they

don’t want and keep their energy and focus

on the negative. And because they’re clear

about what they don’t want, they manifest

it over and over again.

Once again, the reason is simple. Whatever

you put the most energy into, either in

your thoughts or your emotions or your

beliefs, then that’s what you will create.

Nonetheless, if you know what you don’t

want, then what you do want is usually

its opposite. So if you don’t want to

be broke, it means you want abundance.

If you don’t want stress, it means you

want peace and harmony or something to

that effect. I am sure you get the idea.

Reason #3 that stops people from getting

what they want is they are afraid to admit

what they want for fear that they might

actually get it…or not.

That’s a tough one to deal with because

their fear will block them and their ego

will go into overdrive, making every

excuse possible. When the ego runs out

of excuses, it will use the ultimate excuse

and say, “I don’t have any excuses. I just

didn’t do it.”

Enough with the negative. Let’s focus on

the positive. Here’s what you can do to

get what you want.

1. Believe you can have it and that you

deserve it.

2. Ask clearly for what you want and know

that you can have it.

3. Release it. In other words, don’t force

it. Don’t try to make it happen. Don’t be

attached to what you think should happen.

(This is a big one that we will talk about

two issues from now.)

4. Follow your intuition until it reaches

its fruition. That is, trust your gut no

matter what.

5. Take the appropriate action that you’re

guided to take by your gut instincts.

6. Be grateful and thankful the entire time.

When you are grateful, you aren’t in a

position of need. You are fulfilled in that


The easiest way to manifest is to

not need whatever you’re manifesting. More

on that in the next issues.

So, that’s it for this week my friend. May

you be blessed beyond belief this week and

may all of your dreams and your success

come true. And may everything you wish for

be the least that you get.

Until next issue.

To your success,

Darshan G. Shanti – The 24 Hour Champion