Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires Issue 3

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires (Issue 3)

I have been looking forward to writing

this issue because it’s going to help

you to start manifesting what you want

with much less effort than you may think.

You see, it’s all about your attention

and your intention.

According to Thomas Herold, an amazing

spiritual healer, teacher and author,

“Your attention is the source of the

creative process in turning your

thoughts into reality. Using your

intention builds a constant energy

toward the reality you want to create.

Your body will follow your mind’s

commands and advance along the way

until the desired reality is created.”

What you put your attention on

(whether you’re consciously aware of

it or not) is what will manifest.

But let me be clear. You are the one

who is doing the manifesting. What I

mean by that is that some people think

that things just happen to them and

they had nothing to do with it. In

fact, the exact opposite is true.

I’ll write about this in next week’s

issue, but the key is to take complete

responsibility for your life, just as

it is and just as it is not. When you

do that, you put yourself in control

and you’re not at the mercy of

seemingly random events.

So, where is your attention? In other

words, what are you focused on? Are you

focused on debt or on wealth? Are you

focused on illness or health? Are you

focused on what you want or what you don’t?

The point is that you need to pay close

attention to your attention. If you allow

yourself to get sucked down into the black

hole of negativity that is all over the

news, you’ll begin to experience those

same things in your life. At any point,

you have the power to change not only

the channel, but also what you’re paying

attention to.

If you allow your attention to be spread

too thin, once again, you’ll start

manifesting things you don’t want and worse

yet, you won’t be able to manifest the

things you do want because you won’t be

sending out clear enough signals to the


Think of it like ordering food. You order your

food and before the waiter can even take the

menu from you, you change the order and before

he walks away, you change your order again.

Then he gets two steps away and you call

him back to change the order once again.

If you keep doing that, you won’t have what

you really want. In fact, you won’t have


Now, once you’ve ordered your meal from

Restaurant Universe, LET IT GO. In other

words, let the Universal cooks do their

job. You don’t have to micromanage them.

All that does is create problems and slows

the whole process down. That’s called

trusting and it’s called non-attachment.

I’ll devote another issue to that area

as it is one of the most important steps

in the manifestation process.

So, in order to help you focus your

attention and create the life you want,

you need to have intentions.

Your intention is what you’re going to do.

and the actions you’re going to take to

get there. So, if you have an intention

of doubling your business in 6 months, your

attention would be focused on all that

you need to do to achieve that.

People (including me at times in the past)

have confused intention with goals. Let’s

clear that up right now. Once again, I will

refer to Thomas Herold as he explains it well.

Herold says, “They are similar, but not the

same. You can set as many goals as you want,

however, if you don’t have an intention to

achieve any of them – they will never happen.

An intention is much more powerful than

simply setting a goal in life. Intentions will

allow you to reach any goal. A goal is a

subject; it is something that is happening in

the future. An intention includes this and adds

a driving force to it. This driving force is

always in the present and will determine

the outcome of your action.”

So, this week, just pick one thing that you

want and focus all of your attention on it.

Your intention will guide you there. Make

sure you’re clear and that you don’t let

anything distract you from what you want.

It’s just like when you were a child and

you wanted that piece of candy or that toy.

You were not going to stop until you got it.

Do the same thing this week and watch what


So, that’s it for this issue my friend. May

you be blessed beyond belief this week and

may all of your dreams and your success

come true. And may everything you wish for

be the least that you get.

Until next issue…

To your success,

Darshan G. Shanti – The 24 Hour Champion