Success Is A F.A.R.C.E. (Part 2)

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The second step to being truly successful is having a whatever it takes attitude. Notice I did not say a, “once in a while attitude” or a “maybe I’ll do it attitude”. The reason is that true champions don’t give up. They persevere through thick and thin. They keep going no matter what.

And what is the fuel that drives their actions?

Their attitude. The way they look at themselves and the way they look at the world and the way they look at their skills, talents and abilities is paramount to their success.

It explains why some people who have every adversity against them in business are motivated and inspired to succeed anyway. It explains why others fail over and over again despite having everything going for them in terms of finances and opportunities, etc.

So, how do you turn your attitude into a winning one? How do you develop a whatever it takes outlook?

Very simple.

You make a decision right now that you’re not going to be stopped anymore by your circumstances. You make a decision that you’re going to reach your destination. You focus on it and you allow no other possibilities of failure to take over. In other words, failure is not an option.

Now, if you read that and say to yourself, “That’s easy for him to say, but I can’t do…” and then you proceed to list all the reasons why you can’t succeed in business or in your life, you’ve defeated yourself before you even have a chance.

The bottom line is this. Your attitude is completely up to you. At the end of the day, you know if you gave up, settled, sold-out on yourself and your dreams. You know if you made excuses. And if you do justify your dreams away, it is completely your responsibility.

I’ll talk about that in Success Is A F.A.R.C.E. (Part 3).

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