Success Is A F.A.R.C.E. (Part 5)

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The last step in the process of being successful is execution or action.

It doesn’t matter how Focused you are, how great your Attitude is, your level of Responsibility or how Committed you are, without Execution, all the rest of the steps are useless.

Everything boils down to execution, but not just any action, the correct action. So if you want to be successful in business, you’ve got to take massive, consistent, laser- focused action. As Mary O’Connor says, “It’s not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy. The bee is praised. The mosquito is swatted.”

Yet, so many people don’t take action. They do everything it takes, but they fall short in the action taking department.

The question is why.

Maybe they’re afraid of success or they’re afraid of failure or they’re afraid of the unknown or of the change that will happen in their lives.

Well, if you pay attention to your fears, all you’ll end up with are your fears and a whole bunch of stress, anxiety, doubt and emotional pain. So when your fears come up, realize that you have a choice. You can either pay attention to them and get stuck or you can pay attention to what you want and where you’re going. The difference will be like comparing a flea to an elephant.

So, assuming you’re ready to take action, what action do you take?

You take the action that is going to move your business ahead in the most productive, efficient way possible. You look at the big picture and you see the completion of your goal or project and you work your way backwards to the beginning.

You figure out what’s most important to get done each day and then you do those tasks until they’re complete. And make sure you don’t get lost in all of the tiny things that can come up and let them sidetrack you. Do the big things. Do the major things and often times the minor things will take care of themselves.

“Don’t measure busywork. Don’t measure activity. Measure accomplishment. It doesn’t matter what people do as much as it matters what they get done.” – Larry Winget

The bottom line is this. Your life is far too important for you to settle for less than your heat’s desires. You are too valuable to not have what you want.  Your success is really your command. And if you are Focused, have a whatever it takes Attitude, are 100% Responsible for everything in your life, Committed to the outcomes you want and Execute everything properly, you will be successful and you will achieve that success faster, easier and you’ll have a lot more fun in the process.

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