These People’s Lives Have Powerfully And Quickly Transformed… So Can Yours And It Can Start RIGHT NOW!


Here is a recent evaluation I received from a Forever Free To Be Workshop Participant.   

1. Did the workshop deliver on its promises? Please explain your answers briefly. YES! This workshop, and mostly Darshan himself, took me to the very edge of the crucial decision that’s mine and only mine to make. That decision is to be myself, to love myself wholly and completely by holding myself 100% responsible to have all my actions support me having the life I want. At that edge, I was coached hard and with tough love and there was no turning back to self-betrayal.   

2. What was the biggest benefit you got out of this workshop? The unequivocal belief now that I can have the life I want. It’s all up to me and that when I truly believe in myself, I can manifest my dreams.    

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate this workshop overall and why? 10 – No other personal growth workshop, retreat, seminar, training, therapy, counseling or coaching came close to what Darshan offers.   

4. Would you recommend this workshop to others? Why or why not? This workshop should be taken by anyone wanting any positive shift in their lives period. You’ll never look back.   

5. Please comment on anything else you want to complete your life transforming experience. Darshan – Words cannot do justice to the profound gift that you have given me – you gave me myself – better, you lead me to give myself back to me. I love you.   




Hi Darshan,      


Your seminar was a desperate attempt for me to calm my anxieties and panic attacks. I never realized that it would literally save my sanity…but my marriage…my relationship with my daughter…my life! I have been off and running in this craziness of life…and I can’t believe it was only one week ago that I was sitting in the hotel room with you working on my goals/objectives.   The first thing I noticed is how present I have been at my current job. I feel like I have returned to a new job due to the clarity of the power that I really do have to make this job succeed and/or fail.   I have been engaging in (most) of the things that I had come to fear…including honesty to myself and others.   You have a gift of helping one to REALLY look inside themselves and find their desire to live a rich, fulfilling, and fearless life.    You have set me free and I am hopeful that I can pass a bit of you…into others lives that may not necessarily be able to do a one on one seminar.   The smallest exposure to you is enough to put a spark under anybody’s feet.. and make them RUN TO REACH THEIR GOALS!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart…and my family thanks you from the bottom of theirs as well.   As I have said before, you have the power to not only change…but to save lives!!!!   

Forever Grateful, Cheryl   


After completing the Forever Free To Be Workshop, I came away with one quintessential understanding about myself.  I decide every single day whether or not I want to truly be free.  The workshop gave me the tools to cut through my pain and nonsense to get to the core of my stuff and why I hold back.  This “stuff” was years of compacted shame, pain, and debilitating fear that I never dealt with in a healthy way.  I never gave myself permission to deal with all that fury because I was afraid I would turn into the worst version of myself and never fully recover from it.  So, I sought after filling the holes and empty caverns inside with affirmations, prayer, meditation, workshops, and material pleasures.  It became evident to me that I could do that for the rest of my life and I’d be okay.  The thing was that I didn’t want to settle and just be okay.  I wanted to live a fantastic and extraordinary life.  I just didn’t know exactly how to do that.  It’s been said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  My affirmations and voracious appetite for change attracted Darshan to me through a friend. I knew after logging onto his website and consulting my inner wisdom that this was the right time and guide for me to embark on my long awaited journey of deeper self discovery.   

I’m still experiencing the ripple effects of some of the work I did in the workshop over a month ago and I’ve finally found the epicenter of why I’ve been so angry.  All my life, I have been a bystander to all of the disdainful things that people have said or done to me without ever standing up for myself.  I was always ashamed and humiliated with myself and wondered why I never spoke up. Despite all that, I continued to absorb the hurtful crap people doled out every single time without one word offered in return for my defense. Instead, I retreated into my shell of empty silence which kept me in a very dark place for a very long time. The truth was that I felt an immense sense of unworthiness.  On an unconscious level, I felt that somehow I must’ve deserved to be treated badly and that somehow I earned that lot in life.  Now, I am armed with an arsenal of amazing things in my circle and those years of being a spectator in my life are obsolete.  Here’s what is so ironic about my name Stacy.  The etymology of Stacy is derived from the Greek name Anastasia which is literally translated from anastasis for “resurrection” + istanai for “to make stand.”   

In all my life, I have never felt like a Stacy because I knew what my name meant. Now, I have never felt more proud to bear my name. Never again will I let myself be tarnished  by me or anyone else out of cowardice.  I am out of my seat cheering me on because I am coming from a place of love and forgiveness for myself.  For the first time, I am really liking me and getting to know the real version of who I am and what I want to define and characterize me. It’s a love affair that is going to last my lifetime.  All I have to do is decide that this is for me, everyday, and it shall be so.  That is how I am forever free to be.   

If any of you out there are feeling stifled or stuck in life and unsure where to go or what to do.  I challenge you to be open and willing to see your truth.  Then and only then is when you experience freedom to be whoever you truly are and love yourself to a life that is worthy of you.   

Stacy U.   

Albuquerque, New Mexico   


Less than 30 days after working with Darshan, my life has changed dramatically. Many of the changes are too personal and too poignant to put into words. But what I can say still doesn’t fully express how my life has changed.   

Projects that I had worked and droned on with for months, were able to be redone, start to finish, in days. My energy level and zest for life are astounding to me, and very much like when I was a child. Many problems that would enrage me and cripple me emotionally are still occurring, but now they don’t have the emotional (intensely negative) impact on me and solutions appear almost automatically. Even more exciting is that my goals and dreams are coming to me effortlessly.   

Could it be that I was the source of my own problems? Yes, most definitely.   

I know that without a doubt, had I not worked with Darshan, not only would my hopes and dreams not become a reality this year, but I wold most likely be dead or “worse” by the end of the year.   

Thank you Darshan for caring enough to help me change myself once and for all.   

Aaron L.   

Albuquerque, New Mexico   


I am a forty-year old woman who is considered to be very successful by most everyone in my life. I am a highly respected educator with a master’s degree. I had a successful relationship and marriage for over 10 years. From most peoples’ perspective I seemed to have a very wonderful life. My perspective was quite different however.   

I felt as if I was trying to maintain my success at all costs, ignoring my own needs. I was always stressed, tired and unhappy. Life was a difficult task everyday. Then my life changed dramatically. My husband, the love of my life, was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I spent the next two years of my life trying to be a successful teacher, daughter, sister, wife and now a caregiver. During those two years my focus as to what was important began to change drastically. Family became my central concern, my husband’s happiness and my families’ happiness. Then on one Sunday morning in December it was over. My husband passed away very quietly with me by his side.   

I didn’t know what to do. My life felt like it was over. I had no reason to live and I didn’t really live, I just existed. I did what others expected of me, my stress level was extremely high; I never had any energy; I did what I was supposed to do, but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. My life went on, and I existed within it.   

Then I met Darshan. He told me that he helped people release the emotional pain in their lives so they can live a life they can truly enjoy. I needed to know more but was very reluctant. To me life was never happy, it just was. In fact it could be quite difficult. I cannot remember experiencing life as something I can truly enjoy. Yes, I had moments of enjoyment but not my life.   

This guy must be a quack, but what have I got to lose. A part of me wanted to believe in the miracle he was offering, so I scheduled and paid for the Forever Free to Be seminar. I must be an idiot for even trying to believe what he says he can do. I didn’t tell anyone that I spent money on such a ridiculous idea. I was too embarrassed. I felt almost desperate; I really wanted what Forever Free to Be was offering. I didn’t know what else to do.
I did know that I needed to find some relief to the struggle of daily life. Yet, I did not believe that my life would change that dramatically. I expected some clarity, some relief.   

At the end of the three days I was completely different. I was truly happy. I had never been happy in my whole life. I felt free; I felt alive and I felt wonderful. Forever Free to Be saved my life.   

Now I want to LIVE!!! I can’t wait for the next day to arrive. I bound out of bed, something I had never done in my life.  My friends and family notice the changes in my appearance and demeanor immediately. They tell me that I look younger. They ask me what I have been doing to make my skin glow so bright. I never knew that I did not like myself, respect myself or cherish myself. The difference now is that I love myself. I see what I am, the real me. Living my life with this knowledge, with this love is allowing me to be great! I feel energized. Life has become something so amazing! My career has jumped into high gear. I have begun plans to further my education and develop programs that will assist student learning. I now have a life and a future to plan for. It is difficult to find words to express what being truly free means to me. Forever Free to Be is MIRACULOUS!!!   

Patricia Nolan-Harris


Sirs and Madams:   

It has been about 5 months since I completed the Forever Free To Be Seminar.  By describing this seminar as a life-changing experience for me would be an understatement.  I would like to delineate all of the reasons that I feel this way, but I don’t think I can accurately express all that it has done for me!  If ever the statement “ you must see it to believe it,” fit in a situation, this is that time.  The experience that I went through was exactly what I needed in my life and far exceeded the expectations with which I went into the seminar.  I can unequivocally recommend this experience to anyone who desires a serious change in his life, a lifetime shot-in-the-arm, or a perpetual kick in the butt.   

My path to the Forever to Be Free Seminar was undoubtedly a long and winding one.  As the leader of a public school, I had many demands on my time, energy, passion, and my productivity.  I had considered myself to be an extremely self-reflective, self-empowering, and self-motivated individual.  In order to live up to the demands of my job, I had pursued many different types of personal and professional development seminars, books, workshops, and activities.  None of them had done for me what I needed.  I knew, when Darshan approached me, that I was at a place where I either needed to live the life that I had created for myself or create the life that I wanted to live.  If anyone needed to examine my life it was I.  An obsessive, addictive personality guided most of the decisions that I habitually made.  Many challenges, including a 20-year addiction to nicotine, a bit of a workoholic mentality, as well as a demanding outside of work schedule, created a routine that cheated me of any energy to pursue the things in my life that I wanted to passionately pursue.  Alternately, I had made promise after promise to myself to give up the lifestyle that I was locked into and had repeatedly failed to follow through on these promises with my actions.  I knew what I needed to do to get to the next level of my life, yet for some reason I could not find the courage, motivation, or energy to facilitate the changes in myself.  Then I met with Darshan.   

After spending three days in the Seminar and examining the life that I had created for myself, I came away with a remarkable sense of empowerment to lead the life that I was born to live.  I literally came out of the experience a different person than who went in.  This Forever Free To Be Seminar set me on a path to being the person who I truly am, and delivered me from the shackles of my habitual activities.  My words cannot do justice to the content and format of the Seminar activities other than to say that there was no way that I would have been able to come to the place of self-discovery and liberation myself.   I discovered that I would never had been able to receive the message from the previous personal development programs that I had tried without going through some of the activities that I completed in the seminar.  I can honestly say that the Seminar put into action all of the things that I truly value, desire, and love.   

I can only express what this experience has done for me, yet do believe that anyone who is brave enough to look deep inside his soul will know that this seminar will empower him to become all that he has ever desired or dreamed.  I am indebted to Darshan and the life-expanding experience that he created for me.   


Sam S. Obenshain



I don’t owe you anything because I am forever free to be, but I want to give you a gift and share with you my success and inspiration that all became possible, and I must say, without all the struggle because of your unreasonable persistence to be Forever Free to Be and I love you for that.  You are the beauty all humanity is resisting and I am so blessed to be a part of that because I am now Forever free to be ME.   

When I began your course I really thought this was just another seminar to remind me of all the other seminars I attended throughout my lifetime.  A triangle and a circle? Get real!  I thought this was third grade and little did I know how huge the impact would be by the time this was all over.   All my life I was thrown by so many choices and the possibilities were endless, but it left me in a maze of confusion. I was totally unaware of this.  Your seminar narrowed it all down and brought me back to my powerful self.   

I have to share with you what your Forever Free to Be seminar caused for me.  I left your seminar on Sunday with this enormous feeling of knowing and yet not knowing what was next.  Well, let me tell you that the rest was nothing but miraculous.  I had been trying to get around to selling my house for 2 years but couldn’t let it go and just 3 days after your seminar I put a For Sale by Owner sign in the front yard by 9 am.  By 1 pm I got a call from someone who was outside my house and she came inside and made an offer the same day.   

For three years my cousin and I had been talking about producing a film for cinema based on a true story and I just dreamt about it, talked about it but never done it.  Six days after I completed your seminar we were filming by faith I thought.  Like magic it all came together and were officially in production and it is like the money we needed ($40,000) fell out of the sky and the freedom I experienced was so beautiful.  I also had this desire to write a song all of my life but thought I couldn’t do it because I had no musical training of any kind and without thinking about it, I called a friend and we wrote a song and filmed it the next day.   We filmed 4 different Saturdays and the movie was edited and completed in 45 days and we made the deadline to enter our project into the Sundance Film festival by 24 hours. When it was all done, I realized we had worked hard and with so much fun.   

The little struggles that presented themselves throughout the project just melted away and to this day there is nothing to fix.  The DVD is now packaged and is for sale and we are attending the Festival on the 24th of January and meeting with distributors for distribution and I have been asked to become an officer of a film production company with a wonderful woman who is a filmmaker and is from a strong lineage of filmmakers beginning with “Alfred Hitchcock”.  I don’t know how the magic works but it just does because I am confidently me and forever free to be.   

I KNOW I can never fail and I KNOW I can never be stopped again.  You are the Cause and I am the effect, Forever Free to BE.  I am no longer the unhappy insurance agent, but the Artist of my creation. Thank you, thank you and many times thank you my dear friend for your commitment to love and “Forever Free to Be”.   

With All my love and Art,
Rose Marie Almanza Bustamante –   


Not knowing exactly what I wanted or was going to get out of Darshan’s seminar “Forever Free to Be”, I never expected to get ME back into my life, but I did.  In less than a weekend, I was able to have the most honest and loving conversation with my Mom, and for the first time in my life I wasn’t afraid of her.  It’s continued like that ever since and our relationship has improved by leaps and bounds.   

I also wanted to have great communication with one of my daughters and not feel lost and separate from her.  I have that now, but at a level I didn’t know could exist.  She shares with and confides in me all the time, and believe me, this did not happen before the seminar.  I am so blessed and honored to have her completely in my life.   

What I got out of the seminar was something I never did my entire 54 years – cherish, love and honor myself.  I know who I am, I know what I want, and I’m not scared to go after it.  Oh yeah, and something I have never been able to accomplish my entire life for any length of time, was to lose weight and keep it off.  I’m healthier, happier, and even sexier.  And yes, it literally happened over night by participating in “Forever Free to Be”.  Coming from a background of a long line of therapy and self-help workshops, it was freeing to finally get to the core of my problems and move forward.  I can’t thank you enough, Darshan. 
Lisa Gibson, Albuquerque, NM  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   


“I was tremendously inspired by his energy, enthusiasm & directness. He has an uncommon talent for driving straight to the heart of the matter & thus eliminating any fumbling that can hamper this type of counseling.”
– Carol E. – Coaching Client   


“I am most pleased with your personal commitment to my success, your effort to go the extra mile and the ideas you have used to help me grow. The ideas you have shared with me have certainly hammered me emotionally at times, but have been invaluable looking at my life and changing it. I am now developing the confidence that I can make $250.000.00 +/year. This is directly related to your commitment and belief in me.”
– Tom C. – Coaching Client   

 “I feel that I am getting the attention and focus that I need from you and not just some general approach that is used on everyone. I feel that you listen to my thoughts but won’t buy into my excuses. This is empowering because on the one hand, I feel that you’re allowing me to speak, but still call me on the rubbish.”
– Shelley G. – Coaching Client   

 “I received greater than my wildest expectations. I have bee haunted by the past for more than 20 years. Now I am finally free to be. I now own my life.”
– Marsha G. – Workshop participant   

 “Your workshop helped me to face, acknowledge, own and decide what I need to do to be fulfilled and happy with my life.”
– Marshall M. – Workshop Participant   

 “You’ve done in 20 hours what 4 years of psych class could not even touch. You’ve helped me discover why I do the things I do. I win! You have an uncanny ability to be direct and dig right into someone’s core and not let them escape until they open their eyes!”
– David S. – Workshop Participant   

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