Why Change Is Difficult


The problems in your life occur because you have deep, unconscious, negative and limiting beliefs about yourself. Dr. Phil calls these beliefs ‘tapes’. He says, “Tapes are long-held, lightening fast, automatic thoughts that program you for a specific outcome, oftentimes without you being aware of it. They are a natural and uncontrollable reflex and work as independently as your organs. Unfortunately, this means that your tapes can control your every move and make you a mere passenger in your own life. These powerful thoughts may actually program you to behave in ways you don’t want to.”

I take that one step further. Those thoughts DO PROGRAM YOU to behave in ways you don’t want to. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Worse yet, you are powerless to change them because it is not what you know about your life that runs it. It is what you don’t know. And the fact of the matter is is, YOU CAN’T CHANGE WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW.

So what are you supposed to do if your life is not working the way you want it to and you feel like you’ve settled for so much less than you want in your career, your relationships, your life in general and you know there has got to be more, but you just don’t know how to get it?

The way you have that kind of life is by discovering your core, unconscious, negative beliefs, taking total responsibility for how they got there, releasing them, owning your greatness, make new decisions about your life and take actions consistent with those decisions.

It sounds simple, but yet so few people do it. Why? They let their fears and doubts and pain get in their way. They are comfortable where they are and they are familiar with their life. Even if they don’t like it, at least they can count on it. They think the pain of changing will be far worse than staying where they are, even if where they are is very painful.

So, if you’re thinking, “It’s not possible for me to live a great life!” please read no further. You’ve already stopped all the possibilities from occurring. The fact of the matter is that your life can be whatever you want it to be in the moment you decide it to be. You have all the power. 

I can and do assure you. IT IS NOT ONLY POSSIBLE TO HAVE THAT LIFE. IT IS AN ABSOLUTE FACT. If it were not a fact, then all people would be miserable. 

So if you’re willing to set aside your fears, set aside your doubts, set aside any skepticism and open yourself up to a new way of thinking, being and living, we can help.

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