Raising the B.A.R.


The Top Three Keys For Transitioning Your Business Into The Future

BELIEFS + Focused ACTION = Massive RESULTS. Any organization can improve its operations and its bottom line. Every employee can be better, do better and accomplish more. But they have to want to. They have to believe in who they are and what they’re doing and there can be no question about it. But how is that done when business has changed so much due to the economy? The strategies that worked even just a few years ago are bankrupt today. That puts everyone on a level playing field, starting from scratch. The organizations that develop their greatest asset, their people, will thrive. When mindsets change, skill sets improve and assets grow. That applies to everyone in the company.

In this exciting, experiential and fast-paced talk, we’ll be transforming the:

  •  BELIEFS that determine the direction the company is going.
  •  ACTIONS the company is taking that determine its results.
  •  RESULTS the company has gotten vs. where it should be.


The massive benefits of this workshop are that the employees will:

  • See themselves, their mission, the company and its future in a brand new, positive way.
  • Be action oriented, focused on where they’re going and on the results they want to produce.
  • Have an ownership mentality, believing that they are responsible for the company’s success or its failure.
  • Improve their performance in key areas critical to the economic growth of the company.
  • Increase their productivity, creating more revenue in less time


After the talk is given, at a mutually agreed upon time, I’ll lead a 90-minute strategic planning session to develop a powerful roadmap for an immediate turnaround in all the key areas critical to bringing the company back to life.

To schedule your Raising The B.A.R. talk and strategic planning session, call me directly.

Darshan G. Shanti – President, Freedom Incorporated, Inc.

darshan@the24hourchampion.com – Direct -505-321-4914