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For your next event, bring in Darshan Shanti, an influential and very dynamic presenter who will move your audiences to action… right now! His inspiring story of overcoming tremendous adversity as a child into his early adulthood (and becoming so sick, he almost died) will leave an indelible mark on the hearts of your people while it challenges their beliefs about who they are what they want and where they’re going in life.

Darshan is not a one-size-fits-all, put a square peg in a round hole, presenter. He does not do boring power points because he believes when the lights go out, so do the people.

All of his programs are 100% interactive and experiential because he knows that people retain 90% of what they experience vs. just 10% of what they hear. Your people will enjoy and learn from a program that’s fast-paced, funny, touching, moving and inspiring and full of useful and usable information. As a result, they will be transformed, not “simply motivated” and their results will stay with them for life!

Darshan has mastered the art of rapid and permanent transformation and is an authority on personal development. He deals with problems at their core and they don’t come back anymore.

So whether it’s uncertainty, fear, stress, procrastination or perfectionism that’s stopping your people,  his transformational message will help them move way beyond those limitations, straight into massive, laser-focused action. The bottom line – You get high-performing, responsible people who believe in themselves and their abilities and who take immediate action.

Burger King said it best back in the 70s with their slogan, “Hold the pickle. Hold the lettuce. Special orders won’t upset us. All we ask is that you have it your way.” Darshan couldn’t agree more.

Whatever your event needs, he will tailor everything (the time, the topics, the programs and the handouts). He will leave no stone unturned as he pays meticulous attention to all your requests.

Have Darshan be the opening keynote and start your conference off with an explosion of energy, excitement and enthusiasm. Or have him as your closing keynoter and send your people home, chomping at the bit to take on their new lives. Either way, your conference will be the best it can be.

Darshan is often booked 6 months in advance, so take action now and give him a call!