I was really inspired by The 24 Hour Champion. If you want to turn your life into a masterpiece – This is the guidebook.

Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Attractor Factor (Second Edition) Star of the movie, The Secret – www.mrfire.com

I have known Darshan for a number of years and I am so overjoyed to see that his vision of The 24-Hour Champion has been born. This book will help you become a committed champion in your own life. We have to have REAL commitment to our dream and this book holds many direct instructions, examples and age-old truths broken down in such a way that YOU can begin immediately to become the greatest you, you can be. It is all within you. Read this book and take action!

M. A. Blood co author with Bob Proctor
“Become A Magnet To Money Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness” and “How To Become A Magnet To Hollywood Success” – www.musivation.com



I am the founder of SelfGrowth.com, the # 1 Self Improvement site on the Internet. As you may imagine, I have read countless personal development books, seen tons of personal development trainers and I’ve personally worked with and helped launch the careers of many of them.  Every once in a while I am taken by surprise and something new, something fresh, something out of the ordinary comes along. The 24 Hour Champion is such a book. It masterfully leads people to very quickly find their own answers and find out why what they’ve done in the past to transform their lives has not worked.”   David Riklan, Founder – www.selfgrowth.com


 “If I ruled the world, every kid would be required to study, not just read “The 24-Hour Champion” before graduating from High School. Anyone claiming interest in self-development would be commitment tested by how they use this book. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of Darshan Shanti’s work, and am happy to recommend it.”
Tom Justinwww.TomJustin.com





“Your book is a worthy successor to Anthony Robbin’s Awaken the Giant Within.”

Dan Janal – Public Relations Master, Social Media Expert. www.prleadsplus.com




 Darshan is simply…a champion. If you are looking to significantly reduce your stress while simultaneously increasing your abundance, peace, and joy, then look no further. There are hidden gems here that will change the way you respond to circumstances forever. Do yourself a favor. Get the book; read it; and implement what’s inside. You’ll be glad that you did.” www.edrush.com

Ed Rush– Former F-18 Fighter Pilot Speaker, Author, & Consultant –  






“If your goal is to get to the top, or just move further up the ladder, you need a coach. The 24-Hour Champion is your workbook and Darshan is your coach. Buy it – use it – live it – NOW. I’ve seen Darshan in action and he’s remarkable. Do you want to get moving? Want to live your dreams? The 24-our Champion is a key to unlock what’s been holding you back. Buy it – do it – NOW.”

W Mitchell – CSP, CPAE – Speaker Hall of Fame – www.wmitchell.com



 In my 30+ years of life, I’ve been to over 100 seminars/workshops from Anthony Robbins and Avatar to Zig Ziglar. None of them have come close to truly transforming my life as The 24-Hour Champion has.

Yvonne Legendary Rivers – Owner of Sanctuary Hair And Body Transformation – Albuquerque, New Mexico

In the 25 years that I have studied human consciousness and behavior, I have worked with some of the most effective personal development teachers. None of them have put all of these principles into a single book or experience. Had this book been available to me when I started on my path, my life would be even more glorious than it is today.

Jim Campbell, President, Wellness Improvement Experts – www.wellnessimprovementexperts.com

Some books motivate and inspire. Others give great information. The 24-Hour Champion does both! If you are looking for answers to the questions of why you aren’t making the amount of money you think you should, why your relationships are just OK instead of great and why some people live a dream life and yours seems like a nightmare, then get your copy of The 24-Hour Champion. It’s easy to read, yet full of practical wisdom. Not only will you gain a better understanding of why your life isn’t exactly how you want it to be, but you will discover EXACTLY what to do to get on track to having the life of your dreams.

Jonathan Zide, Speaker, Author and Marketing Consultant – www.marketingdemystified.com


Thank you for all the emails and words of encouragement and wonder. I have read more books, done more courses, and none has made me feel the way your book has. My longing and wanting this is a deep need to be all that I can be and I want you to know that you have hit the right core with my heart, mind and soul. Your book is wonderful. I relate to each page and can not begin to tell you how much I see myself in what you write. It is the last thing I read at night before switching off the light and the first thing I read in the morning as I open my eyes.

Patricia Jennett Richards, Johannesburg, South Africa