The Diffference Between Us, Coaches and Trainers

How are your seminars different from business coaches, trainers or consultants?

We are highly trained specialists in human potential, behavior and transformation and our seminars are not about giving your company more information or “pepping” your people up with a big RA, RA, RA talk. Why, because motivation doesn’t last. It wastes your time and your money.

We specialize in getting to the core of the issue both individually and system wide. When a problem is dealt with at its core, it doesn’t come back anymore. That process takes time. If your company is looking for a quick pick me up, there are many speakers out there who would be glad to fill that role.

Our workshops are extremely different than coaching in almost all conceivable ways. We facilitate multi-hour workshops. Coaches, etc. work with people for 30 minutes to an hour once a week. In my 20 years of study, it has been my experience that the reason those types of support are not nearly as effective is that there is not enough time to really get to the unconscious issues, uncover them and deal with them.

With traditional business coaching , by the time you get to something, the session is over and then you have to wait a week to readdress it. By then, it’s often too late because all the emotions and feelings that needed to be processed at that point have all gone away. In addition, business coaches specialize in strategies and tactics that are business related. Our company works with the people to help them be the best they can be and when they are taking 100% responsibility for themselves, the company thrives.