Why We’re Different

We are experts in human behavior, motivation, personal development and self-esteem. We are not “business consultants or coaches”. We are not going to come in to your organization and tell you how to run your business. That is not our expertise and we have no business doing that. However, what we do, is work with each person about his or her specific issues that are affecting his or her performance.

When each person’s personal barriers are removed, he is free to reach his potential. And when each person is working the best he can, then teamwork, communication, respect, performance, productivity all dramatically rise and turnover, wasted time, and bad attitudes dramatically decrease.

The workshops we do are:

  • Highly experiential – The experience stays with employees permanently because they directly experience their subconscious beliefs, blocks and barriers to their success.
  • Permanent – Employees change their own mind about what is possible for themselves and the company and take 100% responsibility for the job. They stop passing the buck. As a result, they have a permanent shift in their attitudes and are able to do much more than they ever thought possible.
  • Structured – Each lesson builds on the previous until employees think their new thoughts and beliefs were their own idea all along.
  • Challenging/thought provoking – Employees will see what they haven’t been able to see, hear what they haven’t been able to hear and do what they haven’t been able to do, so they can have what they want to have.
  • Engaging – Employees are inspired to empower themselves as they dramatically increase their value and respect for themselves.
  • Open/straightforward – No B.S. We get straight to the point and stay there